Stickman Escape School 3 Game

The naughty guy's adventures continue in the Stickman Escape School 3 game! Today Stickman went to the library to work on his essay.

About this game

It was assigned a week ago, but the schoolboy put it off until later. But he got to the last minute and had to prepare hard the day before it was due. The boy was overworked and fell asleep right in the library. He woke up in the middle of the night and realized he traps in school. But that's not all the surprises that await our hero. It turns out that the school principal suffers from sleepwalking and periodically falls asleep in the school, and then arranges night walks in the corridors. Oh, what a fun night for Stickman!


Stickman Escape School 3 was developed by Mirra Games.


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