Parkour News Game

Parkour News is a parkour 2D platform game where the goal is to get as many inkers as possible, get points in doing it, and reach the end of the page alive.

About this game

Reading the news has never been so funny! Play as a stickman doing unbelievable stunts jumping from one column to another inside a newspaper page.

You can jump, flip, crawl and slide on the big letters of the titles, run above the columns of text or the boxes in the page. Sometimes, a red line follows you trying to catch up with you as it erases all the letters it touches, so hurry up!

Special Movements

Double jump The player can perform another jump while in the air as if it was on the ground.

Crouch If the player is stopped or in walk mode, it can crouch down to pass under low surfaces.

Dash The player gets a strong acceleration in the direction he is watching.

Roll The player performs a roll while in the air and it immediately stops the horizontal speed.


Parkour News was developed by POLIMI Game Collective.


Play Parkour News online on any web browser