Monster School 2 Game

Welcome to the long-awaited sequel to the fun Monster School 2 game. Three challenging levels await you, and not everyone can pass them!

About this game

You will once again find yourself behind the school bench and visit the fascinating lessons of Herobrin's teacher! This time he has prepared for you a lot of exciting challenges that will test your agility and reaction speed.

In the first round, you must overcome the obstacle course and finish. Try not to turn around because you will be chased by Huggy Wuggy, who will catch you if you make even the slightest mistake. Be extremely careful and avoid all sorts of traps, including disappearing platforms, hydraulic presses, and heavy cast iron anvils. In the next stage, you have to go to a water park, where you have to go down an incredibly extreme slide. Jump over dynamite blocks scattered in unexpected places, so always be on your guard. Ultimately, you need to fight Herobrin himself and show everything you've learned. Pick up your bow and win the duel to get the best score!


Monster School 2 was developed by Stickman Team.


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