Vex 8 Game

Vex 8 is the newest installment in the ever-popular Vex franchise. Dexterity, speed and skill are keywords in this thrilling platformer filled with obstacles like the new red-green light traps.

About this game

In the game, you are waiting for a lot of really dizzying levels, where each player will get a considerable portion of adrenaline and will be able to demonstrate their best sports skills. You will run, jump, slide, overcome dangerous traps, conquer the peaks, and masterfully move on the most challenging platforms. It won't be easy, but you will make it! On each level, there will be several checkpoints. Try to get to them, so you don't have to start the level from the beginning in case of a miss. Ahead of you are a lot of stunning tracks, which can be overcome only by an absolute master!


Vex 8 was developed by Azerion Casual Games.


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