Stickman Castle Escape Game

Stickman Castle Escape is a witty quest with exciting and fun adventures. Our good old friend Stickman finds himself imprisoned in an ancient castle.

About this game

The boy woke up in a large cage in a dark, damp basement. At first, he was frightened, but then he pulled himself together and managed to escape the trap. He rocked the cage, it fell off, and the old rusty door immediately swung open. Now he could run!
A fun adventure awaits you ahead, where you must help Stickman escape from a vast mansion. For the hero to take action and pass on, you need to choose one of the items that will appear on the screen at a particular moment of the game.
That will determine other events. That is, you will be in complete control of the game scenario. To solve crazy problems, use your outside-the-box thinking and improvise. It will be a lot of fun!


Stickman Castle Escape was developed by Stickman Games.


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