Monster School 3 Game

Welcome to the new part of the famous game series Monster School 3, in which you will have even more exciting lessons from the teacher Herobrin!

About this game

You must pass five complex challenges testing your agility, reaction speed, and drawing skills. You must build different platforms at each level to overcome the obstacle course and reach the finish line. You should save building materials because you will have limited blocks in your inventory.

As a bit of motivation, you'll be chased by a vast creepy head that wants to swallow you whole. But if that's not enough to pass the exam, how about a crowd of bloodthirsty zombies? To avoid catching a crate of dynamite or an arrow in the face, we advise you to put a roof over yourself when the exclamation point appears above your character. Try to avoid falling into the red-hot lava or acid lake. If necessary, you can activate an additional bonus, significantly increasing your chances of getting a good grade. Do you hear that? I think the bell has rung for class! So hurry up, wake up the sleeping Herobrin, and go on a fantastic adventure!


Monster School 3 was developed by Stickman Team.


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