Stickman City Defense Game

Welcome to Stickman City Defense, an exciting new game that puts you in the role of sheriff to quell the street riots!

About this game

There are plenty of exciting levels ahead of you, in which you'll have to build a solid line of defense to prevent the crowd of protesters from reaching the police station. You'll have a squad of cops under your command to disperse the rioters before they start smashing up storefronts.

The city takeover has begun! They come and protest! You need to protect the city from the crowd immediately! Summon all the soldiers for help, become the police chief or army commander and stop this crowd from evolving.

Conquer your enemies and don't let them protest and take over the city! Build your line of defense, place your soldiers in the right place and repel them all!

You have two stickmen, one red and one blue, and they are both trying to win. However, if we want to win this war, we have to be the police chief or army commander; because these two know best how to resist protest! They're in the billions and they're moving really fast. The crowd is evolving right now and your soldiers must conquer the enemies!

Don't let them reach the police cars, if we are defeated the red stickman wins and the red stickman is the enemy! So let's be the police chief or army commander, let's repel them and evacuate this crowded city!

City defense is our priority. Don't let them take and conquer the city. There are billions of blue and red stick figures. But we will make our best defense and destroy this evolving crowd!


Stickman City Defense was developed by Homa.


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