Stickman: Slash the Rope Game

In the Stickman: Slash the Rope game, the crazy adventures of the famous Stickman are waiting for you once again. Our hero will hang on the rope, which will be attached at one end to different objects.

About this game

The essence of the game is that you need to cut the rope so Stickman will fall into the abyss or fly away with the ball from the game screen. At first, this game may seem very simple and easy, but as you progress through it, you will see that it is not. To pass all fifty levels, you must show your logic and wit because sometimes, you must think and figure out how to act. For example, when Stickman is lying on the platform on the bottom panel of the game, you need to move the different items to make the ball fall on the other side of the platform and throw him down. This game will help you train your wit and have an excellent time. Have fun playing, and good luck!


Stickman: Slash the Rope was developed by Stickman Team.


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