Stickman Ninja Warriors Game

Play as a Stickman Ninja Warriors your duty is to save the princess from the evil ninja, your main character has mastered shuriken skill, solve the puzzle by throw the shuriken to break the cage that imprison the princess.

About this game

The history of Stickman Ninja Warrior takes us very far, to the times when the Great Wall of China was being built, the times when ninjas seemed to be an ordinary but very scary phenomenon, the times when everything was decided by physical strength and training. Our hero Stickman, or one of his ancestors, decided to take the path of correction and devote himself to the struggle between good and evil. To do this, he went to an ancient monastery, where the monks helped him learn the art of body control and martial arts. Stickman was one of the best students and today he has to show how well he mastered the last lesson. After passing the last test and saving beautiful girls, he will become the best of the best.


Stickman Ninja Warriors was developed by Stickman Ninja.


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