Game is an amazing multiplayer shoot-em-up with cool ninja gameplay. The action and gameplay are fast-paced and you must have really quick reactions to prevail.

About this game

You are going to control a ninja stickman with whom you can perform tricks, jumps, and different moves to get the upper hand on your opponents. You also have weapons and tools at your disposal to use in defeating enemies. You can play the game in two modes: the deathmatch mode, and you also have a capture the flag mode.

Move and jump with the w, a, d keys, x to prone, E to throw grenades, Q to swap weapons, the left mouse button to shoot, and the right mouse button to fly. Good luck to everyone playing, and we hope to see more of you here today, as there are more great games coming for you right now!

Developer was developed by HYCURI.


Play online on any web browser