Game is the ultimate multiplayer adventure game inspired by Minecraft! Embark on an epic journey by selecting one of four unique characters.

About this game offers three exciting game modes to cater to your playstyle: - Peaceful Mode: In this mode, you'll face off against other players in a challenging PvP survival map. Test your skills and strategize to keep your opponents at bay while you strive to grow stronger and conquer the game. - Survival Mode: Immerse yourself in the survival experience, where you have the option to toggle PvP on and off. This adds a touch of flexibility, making it a more casual yet thrilling gameplay experience. - Creative Mode: Unleash your creativity in this mode, allowing your imagination to run wild as you build anything and everything you desire. Design impressive structures, craft magnificent landscapes, and let your artistic flair shine! The possibilities are endless in, making it an exhilarating adventure for all players. So, where will you begin your journey? Choose your game mode and set forth into the enchanting world of!

Developer was developed by Vectaria.


Play online on any web browser