Blockpost Game

The Blockpost game is a new cubic online shooter for the brave guys with a four-on-four game mode! The game has a list of servers with available maps and elements of the well-known game Minecraft.

About this game

All the textures make of cubes, as the map, all the objects on it, and even the players. Each player can create their building from blocks, and it's excellent! Each experienced player can build a fortress or Blockpost to take cover and fire at the players in the open area. Now, the game "Blockpost" is already played by dozens of boys so you can get involved in the battles. All you need to do is choose one available gaming room and join one of the teams. Killing the enemies increases your stats and even raises your character level. Fulfilling the missions, you get cases, opening which can bring new unique weapons and other valuable bonuses. Play as a pro, kill more players from the opposite team, and help your section to win.


Blockpost was developed by Skullcap Studios.


Play Blockpost online on any web browser