3 Pandas Game

Help these 3 Pandas make their way through the dangerous jungle and past aborginal people to get them back home. Many animations and sounds make the game adorable.

About this game

Eating bamboo leaves was relaxing until these filthy pirates set foot at the home of the pandas. They've kidnapped the brothers, and now it's time for an escape plan. Your objective in this game is to complete each level by solving puzzles by using the three characters. You can play the game with your mouse, so click on the play button at the main menu to start. On a level, you'll see different objects that you can interact with. Each character has a unique ability. The small panda can be thrown, the tall panda can help others dangle from ledges, and lastly, the big panda can hold the other two on top of him to reach high places. Reaching the arrow at the end of a level completes it, and you can continue on the next one.


3 Pandas was developed by Flashgames.


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