Zoom-Be Game

Zoom-Be is a cooperative game where you help two zombie friends escape an evil facility through obstacle filled levels.

About this game

The story began with two ordinary men walking calmly down the street and riding their bikes. How suddenly a black van came towards them and the bad guys kidnapped them and then took them to the lab. There they started testing the guys and injected them with some kind of virus to test. As a result, the guys turned into greenish zombies, but their strength and abilities increased. Now they want to escape from this terrible place, but it will not be easy. They want your help! Control the Zoom-Be men and help them get out of the lab. You can play alone, control two heroes at the same time, or call a friend and play with them. The heroes must help each other to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties on the way. The game is divided into more than 20 levels that will be difficult to pass. All the lab workers, all the doctors and even real zombies created during the terrible experiments are looking for our men. Play and help the guys deal with all the difficult ones because together they are a great team. While Be has agility, Zoom can break various sections with a kick. It can run fast, jump high and pass through tight spaces. To complete each level you have to get our men to the elevator doors that will take you to the next level of the lab.


Zoom-Be was developed by 7Spot Games.


Play Zoom-Be online on any web browser