The World’s Hardest Game Game

This is The World’s Hardest Game! Work your way through 30 incredibly hard levels, and if you can finish all of them you can compete for a spot on the world leader board!

About this game

Developed by Stephen Critoph, The Worlds Hardest Game is one of the most difficult online games available. You can beat the game! Here are some tips for surviving in The Worlds Hardest Game. The goal is simple: move your red block to the other end of the level whilst collecting any yellow coins scattered along the way. Although it sounds easy, there are many dangerous obstacles to dodge. The game requires quick movements and logical thinking. You are RED square, avoid the BLUE circles and collect Yellow circles. Once you have collected all the yellow circles move to GREEN beacon to complete the level. Your score is a reflection of how many times you have died; the less, the better.


The World’s Hardest Game was developed by Stephen Critoph.


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