Stickman Boxing KO Champion Game

This new boxing game is available for all stickman fans. Fight professionals in intense combat. Fight using a variety of devastating punches and combos.

About this game

In Stickman Boxing KO Champion, get ready to join a heated boxing competition against tough opponents. How well are your moves? An uppercut there, a jab here, and you'll be a champion in no time. Keep your guard up, as your opponent will also try to knock you out. Let the cheer of the crowd motivate you and become the star in the ring!

Being a drawn stick figure with a circle head and a frail-looking body made from lines didn't stop our character Stickman. We don't know how he's able to wear gloves without having fingers, but he can punch for sure! Your objective in this exciting game is to beat your opponent without getting KO'ed by them. The lights are on you as you step on the ring, and at the corner, your opponent awaits. Use the A and D keys to dodge the attacks of your rival, and throw some powerful punches with the K or O keys. At the top of the screen, you can see both your and your opponent's health bar. Even for the best, getting knocked out is inevitable. Once you run out of health, you'll have a chance to get back in the match. Keep pressing the SPACE BAR until you fill the meter before the countdown ends. At the end of a match, you'll be given stars depending on your performance. If you never got KO'ed, you'll receive 3 stars. For being knocked out once, you'll receive 2 stars and for being KO'ed for 2 times, you'll earn a star. Can you collect 3 stars in all matches?


Stickman Boxing KO Champion was developed by Playtouch.


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