Subway Surfers: Seoul Game

Subway Surfer Seoul is an amazing free online game. The indefatigable surfer racer left Hugh Groan heading for the Korean capital Seoul.

About this game

With Subway Surfers Seoul, your adventure-filled escape continues on different train tracks. In-game the way of your character, the young surfer, falls this time to Seoul, the Capital of South Korea of Seoul. Skateboard again while avoiding the guard and his dog who noticed you while you were doing Graffiti on the subway tracks. Subway Surfers World Tour Seoul is the fourteenth installment of the Subway Surfers World Tour Series, and chronologically, the thirteenth city in featured, and the nineteenth update of the game. This edition introduced a new limited character, Mina, with her Robo Outfit, and a hoverboard, Bubblegum. It also gave Brody a new outfit – the Posh Outfit. The Weekly Hunt for this edition requires the player to collect cute robots.


Subway Surfers: Seoul was developed by Sybo Games.


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