Stickman Army: Team Battle Game

The most strategic stickman war game is now available. Play now to Stickman Army: Team Battle. You must lead your stickman army and defeat the enemy.

About this game

You must lead your army of lighters and defeat the enemy! Until victory! You are in charge of a small group of rough soldiers. Each of them has different features and weapons. Attack, defense, special tricks... You have a wide variety of strategies to defeat Enemye. Turn the steering wheel to reveal your garbage soldiers. Each symbol of the wheel will bring special characteristics to your units.

You are in command of a large number of powerful weapons and soldiers that can stop the Enemies. You can end this war... But it will be an epic and surprising war. Kill the other team. Whatever happens !

Lead your team to ultimate victory. You have tons of different weapons available: Each weapon has different characteristics and you must play wisely to defeat the enemy. Or you will die!


Stickman Army: Team Battle was developed by Playtouch.


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