Stickman Boost 2 Game

Challenge death in extreme levels with the survolted platformer game Stickman Boost! 2. Try to jump as far as possible to overcome the obstacles.

About this game

Run your character at full speed, escape the deadly traps and try to finish each level as quickly as possible to get the gold medal. But the slightest mistake or the slightest inattention will be deadly, beating the time records will require a concentration of all the moments and a perfect control of the movements of your character.

In this game, your objective is to take control of your stickman to make impressive parkour moves in the most smooth way to avoid a series of deadly obstacles and traps. Try to jump as far as possible to overcome the obstacles. When you have to face spiked ceilings, you just need to slide down to evade them. Be careful with unstable platforms! They will collapse as soon as you jump onto them. Therefore, you have to be quick to jump to other platforms. Many alien creatures are flying on the road. You will be attacked if you come close to them. Therefore, you need to run as fast as possible to escape from their chase. Moreover, swimming and flying are two essential skills. If you want to be a winner, it is necessary to master all parkour techniques. Unlike normal parkour, this game also offers you some equipment such as a kite, a rocket, a motorbike, and so on. They assist you a lot to overcome obstacles.

Remember that your ultimate objective is to reach the finish line in the shortest time. If you don’t want to get lost, follow the directed arrows to find the way to the finish line. Don’t forget to check many checkpoints along the route. If you unexpectedly die on the journey, don’t worry. You can restart from the previous checkpoint you have just checked. Besides, collecting coins is also an important task. Try your best to collect as many coins as possible.


Stickman Boost 2 was developed by Y8 .


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