Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 Game

Fancy Pants is back for a new adventure in the second instalment of the series. The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 is an epic platformer for an experience made by Brad Bourne.

About this game

The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 is an epic platformer for an experience made by Brad Bourne. In the main section of this amazing series you will go on a dangerous excursion to find your snatched sister. Go through dense forests, sunken holes and private ships as you step, kick and cut your enemies with 40 firearms. Browse the fascinating guides to discover inside facts, hidden levels, achievements, outfits and much more! It's hard not to be amazed by the shocking hand-painted fine art, performing vitality and humor in the Adventures of Fantasy. Come on, put on your extravagant jeans and it will work. Do rabbits like frozen yogurt? Find out in Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2, where Angry Rabbit took the incredible frozen yogurt subsidy from Fancy Pants Man. Winning the Squiggleville Fancy Golfball with his lively kicks and quick moves, Fancy Pants Man will not give up his prize without any problems. Squeezing his clasped hands to Angry Rabbit will not solve the problem, so get ready to jump into the rabbit hole and regain your honor! The second round of the Fancy Pants series, Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 includes 6 exciting levels with provocative puzzles and extreme opponents to survive. You will experience insects, snails, rodents and an assortment of different animals. Go through caves, prairies, deserts and deserts while trying to take Angry Rabbit and get back your well-deserved prize! The controls are flexible but easy to dominate. Use the left and right bolt keys to move and the S key to bounce. At the moment when you are almost on a slope, you can press the bolt key down to slide down and trip some of your enemies. Another approach to overcoming your enemies is to bounce them and stagger them. A full blow will polish them. With this activity, the loose jeans of Fancy Pants Man can become somewhat dirty and worn. Anyway, relax! You can open up to 10 different jeans in different shades for your saint to wear. Six of these pants can be won by placing snail shells in the right holes. For example, in the main level, there is a snail that opens with a water banner, which means that in case you accidentally put a snail shell in this hole, you will open the pants with a water shade! In addition to water pants and your initial tone, orange, you can also open shades of green, red, blue, purple, dark, yellow, light blue and pink. Open them all and complete the wardrobe of Fancy Pants Man! There are 6 more prizes you can buy, so keep playing and helping like Pants Man.


Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2 was developed by Borne Games.


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