Hole.io Game

In Hole.io, take control of an endless sinkhole, and get ready to devour everything on your way. Can you become the biggest on the map and consume other players as well?

About this game

The city is big and full of people. But with you and others around, that won't last long. Your objective in this game is to eat as many objects as you can to become the biggest and the only player on the map. To start, enter a name, and then if you'd like, pick a look for yourself from the skins menu. You can pick 2 different modes to play in. The first one is the classic mode in which you try to get the highest score in 2 minutes. The second mode is the battle mode. You try to be the last surviving player on the map by eating others. When ready, click on the play button to start. Click and drag your mouse around to move. Start by eating small objects. As you gain points, you'll become bigger, and can consume larger items such as buildings. Try to stay away from players bigger than you, as they can eat you too! Good luck!


Hole.io was developed by Dra Games.


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