Douchebag Workout Game

Get ripped in Ultimate Douchebag Workout! Make sure you look sharp by exercising and flexing those muscles! All to become the Ultimate Douchebag!

About this game

He’s been having a tough time with bullies lately, and the chances of him getting a girlfriend anytime soon are pretty slim. Instead of consulting a therapist, or at least a dermatologist, he’s decided to become a musclebound lunkhead instead! Help him bulk up as quickly as possible in this workout simulation game. Maybe that will solve all of his problems! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: help this skinny guy become so muscular that he makes Dwayne Johnson look like a total wimp by comparison! Join him while he exercises pretty much nonstop and searches for other ways to become a total beefcake.


Douchebag Workout was developed by Agame.


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