Bob The Robber 2 Game

Bob The Robber has to protect the city! This bandit is the only one that can save the day. In Bob The Robber 2 you have to sneak into buildings, avoid cameras, pick locks, take out guards and watch out for Zombies!

About this game

A thief saving a city is an uncommon occurrence but nothing is ordinary in Bob's line of work. He is happy to put his kleptomaniac tendencies to good use and with your help he can pull off any crime caper. Be prepared to take a tour of the city from a perspective you've never had. Bob the Robber 2 features 10 different levels, each filled with security cameras, guards, trap doors, and more! Every level has an objective you must complete to pass the level. Usually, this revolves around stealing a specific item without getting caught. The path to the level objective will be blocked by locked doors, patrolling guards, and security cameras. You can use your lock pick to unlock the doors. Getting past the patrolling guards is a bit more tricky. Hide in the shadows until you find an opportunity sneak up on the passing guard from behind and knock him out. Security cameras offer a challenge of their own. Each one has a blind spot right beneath the cameras pivot point. Standing exactly in this blind spots without moving will keep you from being detected. In the rooms with security cameras, you'll also find shadows that you can blend into. Once youve passed the cameras, a new challenge will present itself in the form of electronic doors. You will have to sabotage the circuit board to unlock these. Luckily, you can find extra gadgets within the levels or buy new gadgets from the shop with the cash you've found hidden in each level. The city depends on your ability to pull of this heist! Can you make sure Bob doesnt get busted?


Bob The Robber 2 was developed by Kizi.


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