Dino Grass Island Game

Dino Grass Island is a fun and relaxing game. Great, now you are a great animal trainer! Your task is to collect and catch all the eggs and tame them!

About this game

Explore each level, cut all the grass, open the bushes and find the animal eggs. Only by defeating the bosses of each level, you will be able to enter the next island. In this fun game with 3D graphics, you are all alone with your pet to unlock your way to new adventures. Your main method of spending is the grass you will be able to collect from the lands around you. As you progress through the game, you will be able to turn these grasses into coins and then into diamonds. For each kind of land piece or gadget you want to unlock you will spend one of these methods. You can simply drag the cursor to collect the corps that grow fast. Moving on, you will be able to unlock a pet to keep you company and fight against the enemies for you. With each one-on-one fight, your pet wins, you can get more coins and diamonds which you can also spend on upgrading your pet’s skills. Now, start your adventure and see where the game will take you! Become the best animal tamer! Enjoy!


Dino Grass Island was developed by Yad.


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