Bob The Robber Game

Steal treasures, avoid cameras and take out guards in Bob The Robber 1, a fun stealth puzzle platform game!

About this game

Bob knew his destiny from a young age. He trained hard for years to learn his trade. After years of practice Bob decided to sneak into the casino and steal the treasures! Bob the Robber 1 offers entertaining gameplay for everyone. Stealth and puzzle solving are the two most prominent features of the game. In your journey through the levels, you'll encounter locked doors, hidden treasures, intimidating guards, and aggressive guard dogs! Shh, be quiet! Even a single creaking noise could cause you to get busted. Your objective is to complete a robbery in each level without getting caught. You'll have to pick open the locks on the doors and bypass the guards. As an efficient and resourceful burglar, Bob always carries his trusted lock pick in his pocket. Wait for the right moment and wedge the lock pick into the opening to release the mechanism and pop the door open. In some levels, youll have to disable lasers. To do that, find the fuse-box and cut the correct cable. The guards are way too confident, and they tend to wander around without looking too closely behind them. That's a weakness! Bob can blend in with the shadows and wait for the right time to knock the guards unconscious. Now that the security guards are down, Bob can continue on his way. Things may not go according to plan if you get spotted by one of the many security cameras though! Hide away in the shadows, duck into a stairwell, or rush forward and position yourself directly below the camera to avoid detection. That was a close call! If you set off the alarm, youll be unlikely to make it out, so be a little more careful next time.


Bob The Robber was developed by Kizi.


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