Kill Time In The Office Game

Help this girl kill some time until she gets home, but you have to be very careful so she doesn't get caught by her boss. Good luck playing Kill Time In The Office!

About this game

Working in an office can sometimes be a struggle, because it could get really boring. She can paint her toe nails, she can put her hair up on curlers, she can use a pair of tweezers to remove all the stray hair in her eyebrows one by one, she can knit a pair of panties, send a text message to a friend, blow a bubble gum balloon or put on a relaxing face mask. When the boss comes nearby make sure to let the girl resume her work, because otherwise she might get into trouble. For each action successfully completed you get points added to your score. Try to get the highest score in the shortest amount of time.


Kill Time In The Office was developed by Agame.


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