Hard Life Game

Control a ragdoll and survive the dangers, hazards and obstacles of Hard Life. Can you survive all levels of this insense deadly action game?

About this game

In case you want to learn more about this new one, you learn what you do in Hard Life right in this article, where you are going to be able to play the game with no problems at all afterward! First, learn the controls, as you use the right and left arrow keys to walk and the up arrow key to jump. You are going to control a ragdoll with which you have to keep moving forward, and you have to survive the many dangers, traps, and obstacles that are put in your path, since everything you encounter is out to get you and take you out of the game, but if you survive and get past them, you get points in return, and we're positive that you want as many of them as possible. If you progress, you unlock new and interesting characters.


Hard Life was developed by Agame.


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