Time Shooter 2 Game

Time only moves when you move. Look around, plan your actions, and only by starting to move, you start time again. Smash enemies to pieces with a pistol shot.

About this game

Time Shooter 2, This game is an epic 3D action game that will present you with a whole other world. In this white world where everything seems like it came out of a sketchbook, you will be driven into the exciting feeling of attacking your rivals more than ever! The most important power you have here is that time only moves when you move. That means that everything goes on in slow motion unless you move. When you use your WASD keys and move, you will see everyone running at normal speed. You can collect weapons, attack your enemies with them and also throw the weapons at them when your shots are over. Just calculate your moves wisely, always keep an eye on your rivals, and take them all down.


Time Shooter 2 was developed by GoGoMan.


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