Stickman Climb 2 Game

Stickman Climb! 2, the player once again helps a stickman character attempt to complete obstacle courses in mines and reach the finish line flag at the end of each level.

About this game

The stickman is stuck in a pot and unable to walk, jump or perform stunts without help. The player must use the swinging motion and speed of a pickaxe or other piece of equipment to help stickman maneuver, move forward across green platforms and climb or leap over steps and walls and deep chasms, crushing barrels and rotating spiked gears.

The player can make up to eight character changes, including change the color of the stickman to green, brown, purple, red or white or change the character entirely so that they're a skeleton or yellow smiley. They can also alter the handle of their pickaxe, the axe type, the tool type and the pot to match other upgrades.


Stickman Climb 2 was developed by Pressure Studios.


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