Hide ‘N Seek! 3D Game

There are people hidden in the building. Explore the place, look behind doors, inside closets and search for them. But be careful, you have to to find everyone!

About this game

In this amazingly cute game, you will find yourself in the house of your friend. With fun and engaging 3D graphics, you can feel as if you are there with your friends! Just wait until your friends disappear and find somewhere to hide. You can walk around the house, look around and open the wardrobes, doors, etc. You should find all your friends to pass the levels! When you successfully pass the levels, you will be awarded bonuses like a compass, assisting dog, or binoculars. Use them to make your process easier and enjoy one of the best games to ever exist!


Hide ‘N Seek! 3D was developed by YSO Corp.


Play Hide ‘N Seek! 3D online on any web browser