The Impossible Quiz 2 Game

The game was developed following the popularity of the first part of the game, and it has more questions than the first—120 tough questions await you.

About this game

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the second edition of the extremely difficult and complex quiz. The gameplay is straightforward. You must read the question and then select one of four options. If your response is correct, you proceed to the next question. Overall, there are 5 lives in the game, and if you lose them all, you must restart the quiz from the beginning. Most people take the impossible quiz 2 too seriously, but it is only a prank game; all of the questions are designed to be amusing, so you must think outside the box to provide the correct answer. Some game questions will require you to perform certain actions in order to disclose the answer. The Impossible Quiz 2 is a game that is very entertaining. On our website, you can play the full version of the game for free.


The Impossible Quiz 2 was developed by Splapp-me-do.


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