Stickman: Hangman Game

Save the stickman from the monster in this variant of the Hangman game. A bubble bursts every time you choose the wrong letter.

About this game

Your goal is to guess the word or phrase to save the player from the hungry monster. Guess one letter at a time to see if it's in the word Hangman. Tap a letter to guess it and if you guess a letter correctly the letter will fill an empty space. Otherwise, you'll pop a balloon and come close to falling into the monster's mouth! When you find enough correct letters on the Hangman board, try to guess the word or phrase.

Don't guess too many letters are wrong or the monster will understand you! Guess wrong and a balloon will pop. When all the balloons are gone, you fall to the ground and are swallowed!


Stickman: Hangman was developed by Stickman Team.


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