Gem Stacker Game

Become a real jewelry master! Gem stacker is a unique hypercasual runner with addictive gameplay. Make it work from raw gems and diamonds to rings!

About this game

Collect & stack gems and sell those to the customers. Break, cut, polish, and upgrade and try to earn more money. Avoid obstacles to bring as much as you can! In this platform-based hyper-casual game, you will be working your way through the social ladder one by one by making your own money. You need to work hard to collect stones, turn them into gems and work on them to turn them into beautiful jewelry. Through the platform, there will be many gadgets and stations that you can use to enhance your gem into the beautiful jewelry it is. Beware of some stations that may cause you money and stay away from them. You can use your earned money to unlock new departments for your jewelry chain. Let’s see how much you can grow your net worth through the game!


Gem Stacker was developed by 2play.


Play Gem Stacker online on any web browser