Fruit Doctor Game

Fruit and vegetables have ailments as well! So many foods need your help and it is up to you, the Fruit Surgeon to help them. Well done so far, doc!

About this game

Fruit and vegetables have ailments as well! Become the food doctor and help fruits and veggies with whatever check up they need. You have a new profession from now on! You become a fruit doctor who saves these poor fruits from serious diseases! Their lives depend on you from now on. In this fun and 3D food game, your objective is to treat the fruits. They are coming at your door crying out of fear. Each one has different problems. Use your mouse or the touch controls to apply the treatments. You can see the process from the top of the game screen. The tools will appear when their turn comes. All you need to do is to drag the mouse or swipe your finger to the shown directions. You will earn cash and coins for each treatment. Use your earnings to upgrade your clinic from the in-game shop! Maybe you can build your own hospital after you improve your business a little.


Fruit Doctor was developed by BPTop.


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