Drive Mad Transporter Game

Perhaps the graphics of the Drive Mad Transporter game will impress all the fans of the driving games of Fancade. How many levels will you pass?

About this game

Your truck has a new design with a yellow block on top. Drive the car safely and don't let it fall. Driving your car on a challenging road has been a challenge for you. But in this version, you will be driving a car with a small yellow cube on top of it. Move skillfully with your driving skills on all terrains to keep the block balanced and not falling. If you are careless in the process of moving it, it will fall and the game will be over. If it's too difficult, you can spend more time practicing it. Can you keep the yellow block on the car during the journey? Try to see what level you will reach.


Drive Mad Transporter was developed by Martin Magni.


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