Blumgi Rocket Game

Blumgi Rocket is an exciting racing platformer game in which you have to get behind the wheel of a high-speed off-road vehicle and drive at full speed on a hilly track crowded with steep slopes!

About this game

Unlock new vehicle skins by progressing through the game and finishing every level. How quickly can you finish Blumgi Rocket and master this game? On the way, you will meet a lot of powerful springboards, which you can use to overcome all kinds of obstacles to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Press and hold down the "Space" bar to charge the rocket engines to full power and choose the right direction for the dush. With this ability, your Jeep can change its direction even during flight, allowing you to avoid many dangerous traps and get out of seemingly hopeless situations!


Blumgi Rocket was developed by Blumgi.


Play Blumgi Rocket online on any web browser