Sugar, Sugar 3 Game

If you like sweets, then welcome to the world of sugar! In the logic Sugar, Sugar 3 game, you can fill cups with sugar and slightly train your logical thinking.

About this game

There will be only one task waiting for you on each level - to fill all the cups with sugar. It all sounds straightforward, but in fact, it is far from it. Each cup will have the number one hundred on it. You need to make sugar fall from the top to be right in the cup until the number one hundred turns into zero. You need to draw lines along which the sand will run straight into the empty cup.

Sugar, Sugar 3 is as much a physics puzzle as it is a drawing game. The revolves around directing sugar into a multitude of cups. On each level, the title "Sugar, sugar 3" is written in large letters and a stream of sugar pours out from the comma in the title text. Using the mouse, you must draw lines to direct the sugar down into the cups. Drawing steep slopes make it go faster, while the shallower ones make it more likely to pool. Be careful when you draw the lines since there is no erase button, just a button to reset the entire level. Any text or objects in a level, such as the letters of the title, are part of the level. The letters stop the stream of sugar, just as if you has drawn the same shape with your mouse.


Sugar, Sugar 3 was developed by Bart Bonte.


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