Handless Millionaire Game

In Handless Millionaire, you're in a game show and with the chance to become a multi-millionaire. All you need to do is grab the money.

About this game

To grab the money, just stick your hands between a razor sharp guillotine. You need to be quick to grab the cash and get your hand back before it chomps down. Don’t be fooled. This money grab game is not easy. You need to be fast or you will be a handless millionaire! Handless Millionaire finds out who wants to be a millionaire and if you’re willing to give up your hands for it. You get 2 tries, once with the right hand and once with the left hand. Grab as much money as you can and pile up your cash. Handless Millionaire now gives you the ability to play extra rounds to build up your bank of money. Don't just stop a 1 million... keep going until you don't have any hands left. Just remember, the guillotine blade will slice faster and faster as you go. So be quick and time it just right. Being a millionaire is great, being a handless millionaire is a little less great. Time to face your fears.


Handless Millionaire was developed by Cool77.com.


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