Fridge Master Game

Organize your purchases in the fridge in the best possible way.Click on the item to place your purchase in the freezer.Start organizing your refrigerator Now!

About this game

This game is the dream of every order freak! It comes with an empty and clean fridge, full shopping bags, and just the right amount of space! Let's start this delicious and extremely satisfying journey with a tutorial! Follow the hand and repeat the same actions. Choose the bag, choose a room in the fridge, and then draw along the room with your cursor to fill the spaces with the product in your bag. Put the horizontal boxes on each other to save space for bottles and earn up to three stars. You make money off each successful organizing job, and that money can be used to undo a move. You can also unlock more space by watching a short ad at some levels. You don't have to place all the products to pass a level, but the more items you use, the higher the income. Take a look at the familiar shelves from a different angle and watch your organizing skills improve!


Fridge Master was developed by BPTop.


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