Om Nom: Run Game

Om Nom: Run is an arcade action game with clear basic goals: run, bypass obstacles along the way and reach the finish line.

About this game

Complete various missions: cover specific distances, collect letters, perform amazing stunts or run as far as you can in endless run mode to get rewards. Use boosters and power-ups: rockets, jumping boots, magnets and double coins will help you on your journey. Run to collect them and get extra points! Unlock characters from the cut the rope universe: Om Nom and Om Nelle are the stars of the game, but there are many more cool characters and stylish outfits waiting to be unlocked! Discover amazing loations: run through busy streets, messy rooftops, underground tunnels, the robot factory and other colorful levels! Get to the top of the leaderboard: gain the highest score in regular competitions to dominate the leaderboard!


Om Nom: Run was developed by ZeptoLab.


Play Om Nom: Run online on any web browser