Adam and Eve 4 Game

In Adam and Eve 4, love is in the air tonight. Our caveman is back again for yet another adventure. Can you be his buddy and help him on his to find true love?

About this game

Can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are. We know you're singing the song right now but you should focus on the problem at hand. Adam is a romantic and he believes in love. Unfortunately, his wife isn't so optimistic about love and she makes Adam's life a living hell. But in a far far away land, a woman lives who is waiting for her true love. Her name? Eve, of course. Your objective is to make sure these star-crossed lovers meet and show everyone how beautiful love can be.

The game has the mechanics of the previous games of the series. You need to click on the items you see on the screen in the right order to solve the puzzles. You need to feed hungry dinosaurs and carnivorous plants, fly with dinosaurs, and finally evade mummies and other cavemen. You need to travel all that way and overcome the hardships for love. We told you he was a romantic. Do you think you can keep him safe and help him find true love?


Adam and Eve 4 was developed by Functu.


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