Adam and Eve 3 Game

In Adam and Eve 3, Adam returns in the third installment of the popular game series. Love is the food life and Adam just can't live without it.

About this game

After all, where there is love, there is life. And Adam couldn't find it just yet. But one hopes and lives to achieve his goals. That's why he will never stop seeking his true love and he is going on an adventure just because of this. But as you know, there are dangers everywhere. Do you think you can help Adam on his quest to find true love?

Ah, love. You can feel it in the air whenever Adam thinks of Eve. Until now, he didn't think Eve loved him. But this morning, Eve sent Adam a love note and Adam is finally ready to leave his troubles behind and start a new life with Eve. So, off Adam goes on the adventure of a lifetime to find true love. In this game, your objective is to help Adam complete each level and make sure he meets Eve. Let's go now if you're ready. Adam is so excited that can't think properly so you need to make all the important decisions. You need to help animals, avoid hungry animals, evade angry cavewomen and tribesmen to complete this journey. You will need to solve the puzzles by clicking on the items in the right order. Be quick and unite these star-crossed lovers!


Adam and Eve 3 was developed by Functu.


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